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Rita's CD

All Music composed and performed by Herbert Midgley.

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Rita's CD
By Herbert Midgley

1. There's a Girl That I Know
2. It's Your Lost
3. Your Crime, My Crime
4. The Electronic Nerd
5. The ESC Key Herbert Midgley
6. Things Have Change Too Much
7. I Never Meant To Break Your Heart
8. She Diggs Her Cellphone
9. The Platonic Girlfriend
10. This Emo Song is For You
11. When the Time is Right
12. Smile Down that Road
13. The Taste of Your Smile
14. Raining On My Soul
15. She'll Grow Out of That
16. I Don't Need You Anymore
17. Whack Job
18. Saying Goodbye
19. No Shoelaces On My Sandals
20. Our Love is Something To Talk About
21. Bubblegum Girlfriend
22. Butterfly, Butterfly
23. Your Sprit
24. You'll Never Have Her Heart
25. Get On The Bus
26. It's a Hard Road
27. Hanging Around
28. Legally a Jerk
29. Check, Check, Check Me Out
30. I'm a Nerd (Metal Version)

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