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Music class Syllabi Homepage If you are in my class you know the password.
Great Midi info More great info The best deals for computers on the web Apple rules! I love this channel. I watch it daily for tech info You gotta love this show! Harmony Central a get place to start for MIDI info. Shareware Music Machine If It is a piece of Music software that is on the web, it is here. Coda Music Notepad A free version of Finale. Gvox They make Encore. Call or email them for a price. MusicTime is Encore's little brother and works the same and is cheaper.
Digidesigns Protools Free The best free digital sequencer This is where I teach. If you want to go to a great U, check it out. This is the SFASU's Finearts homepage This is the SFASU's Music Department homepage This is my SFASU's homepage This is the SFASU's Music Department teaching homepage This is a friend of mine The Best Page In The Universe This guy likes to Rant. He is cool. He is my friend. The second greatest website in the world!
This is a friend of mine. This is a friend of mine blog. Remo Williams info. If you don't know who his is, you should! This is another friend's site. He makes cool props from Sci-fi movies! Aquaman's bio

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